"The coverage we have received by The Charleston Review has really worked for our business. The exposure and positive feedback from one article has been tremendous. I am most impressed with the broad readership you have built, as well as with the range of subjects featured - there is truly something for everyone!"

Warmest regards,

Leigh Meadows-McAlpin


"I wanted to let you know that the article on Lulan was wonderful. Thank you. I also wanted to let you know you have a gem in Charleston. Your editorial in your magazine is the most effective I have seen for this city. We have had many people come in because of that article. Congratulations-you have a very successful business."

Eve Blossom
Founder, Lulan Artisans


"Thanks for the Tremendous publication.. I picked it up on our visit to Charleston and Isle of Palms Last November.. Still reading it and the Piedmont review online...

Hope to be there again soon, and this would be a terrific reason to come back..!!!"

Best regards...
Jim Hadfield


"I feel I must mention that apparently a lot of people read this magazine. I am astounded at how many people are aware of it, and know that it must be hard to get any kind of objective input. It seems that you are on the right track – hopefully I can make a positive contribution."

Glen Appelbaum
Tideline Yacht Sales

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