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If you are looking for great eating, great company, and bold Greek flavors, Stella’s is where you want to go. Personally, I go there at least once a week. Whether it is for a quick lunch, a great happy hour, Sunday Brunch or a date night. This is a MUST if you are in Charleston. The only downside…. they aren’t open for lunch service on Saturday. The vibe is a cool blend of traditional and modern, so you can either dress up or play it cool. The staff is really easy going and pretty attentive, even when it gets crowded. The price point is good for Charleston. But, if you are definitely on a budget, Lunch is really affordable. Located in Downtown right off King Street, Stella’s is really easy to get to, especially if walking.

stellas in charleston

Appetizers to try:

If you want to sample or have a taste of Greece, the Tria

For the more refined palate, the grilled octopus or the Mushroom Saganaki. Get your camera ready for the saganaki, because it comes out flaming.

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Tuesday meet mushroom saganaki.

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Lunch… the Gyro… definitely. Succulent, yummy shaved lamb on fluffy pita served with amazing thick cut potatoes.

Dinner… oh the options are endless, and the portions are huge… Really they are. Leg of Lamb… excellent, the Moussaka… beyond good and I probably order this the most often, the Filet Mignon… soo good and has a lump of crab, the fish… gorgeous, served whole and instagram worthy.

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Whole psari, ladolemono, spanakorizo.

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Brunch: The line can get crazy, and the wait is long, and sometimes the service is on the slower side because of this… But it is well worth it. The skillet bowls are great, and the crab cakes are amazing. Make reservations here

HAPPY HOUR… $10 for a carafe of wine and $4-6 dollar small plates… can you beat that?



Photos by David King // Photos from Instagram by @Stellas


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